# firstName secondName surname gender f4indexno Selected Confirm Status
1 NAIMA   IDDI F P1222/0030/2015 BAED Confirmed
2 PATRICK   SOKONI M S1179/0093/2016 BAED Confirmed
3 MAGDALENA L SAFARI F S4026/0067/2016 BAED Confirmed
4 SALMA KASIMU MGOBO F S2389/0018/2016 BAED Confirmed
5 SALOME SEBASTIAN MAHILA F S2780/0081/2016 BAED Confirmed
6 TUMA MADUHU NGASA F S2966/0012/2016 BAED Confirmed
7 SAYUNI BRAYSON NYALUSI F P2517/0509/2016 BAED Confirmed
8 JACKLINE J NJALAMOTO F S2859/0039/2016 BAED Confirmed
9 JESCA A MAKALANGA F S0883/0032/2016 BAED Confirmed
10 KAGANZI   RWEBANDIZA M S5158/0040/2016 BAED Confirmed
11 NELSON SARIKIAELI NNKO M S1707/0043/2015 BAED Confirmed
12 GIRATINA GOSHOO GIDADI M S1392/0083/2016 BAED Confirmed
13 AMOS M CHACHA M S0463/0039/2016 BAED Confirmed
14 CAROLYNE   JAMES F S1706/0004/2014 BAED Confirmed
15 SALIMIN AMRI ALFAN M S4723/0047/2015 BAED Confirmed
16 BENEDICT G MWANGIMBA M S3846/0012/2014 BAED Confirmed
17 GERLAD   RAPHAEL M S0439/0044/2014 BAED Confirmed
18 NGOSHA MWIGULU MAYUNGA M S4562/0045/2016 BAED Confirmed
19 AKSA BWIRE MGONYA F S0235/0006/2014 BAED Confirmed
20 ASHA NURU JUMA F S0906/0006/2016 BAED Confirmed
21 GIDION MARKUS KALINGA M S1509/0090/2016 BAED Confirmed
22 ELIA JUMA KINGU M S0940/0022/2013 BAED Confirmed
23 MISELYA GERVAS MADUHU M S2958/0030/2016 BAED Confirmed
24 GWASA PHILIMON CLAVERY M S4547/0032/2016 BAED Confirmed
25 DAUDI S BUSSI M S1292/0037/2013 BAED Confirmed
26 JUDITH CALIST SILAYO F S0389/0051/2013 BAED Confirmed
27 JEHOVENESS S NNKO F S3384/0031/2013 BAED Confirmed
28 AMROSI MSACKY MBUYA M S4758/0062/2015 BAED Confirmed
29 CASTORY   AMOS M S0900/0058/2016 BAED Confirmed
30 CHARITY   ALOO F S4340/0001/2016 BAED Confirmed
31 BYATA NAZARENO NYOMOLELO F S0448/0002/2016 BAED Confirmed
32 MUSSA HAMIS SHAMBA M S2529/0099/2016 BAED Confirmed
34 ELISHA NDINGU MAHOYELO M S3677/0022/2016 BAED Confirmed
35 VERONICA BLANCE NGOWI F S2180/0049/2016 BAED Confirmed
36 ADAM   MOHAMED M S1842/0026/2016 BAED Confirmed
37 RAHELI FIDOLIN SENARA F S0862/0078/2016 BAED Confirmed
38 NOELA FELIX KAALE F S3838/0044/2014 BAED Confirmed
39 GLORIA ELISANTE DANIELI F S1211/0019/2016 BAED Confirmed
40 SHUWAKA   KULELEYA M S4816/0134/2016 BAED Confirmed
41 ANANIA SALVATORY ZAKALIA F S4818/0012/2015 BAED Confirmed
42 EUNICE S MUSA F S1958/0009/2016 BAED Confirmed
43 ELIADA T SORA F S4194/0007/2015 BAED Confirmed
45 SONDO JUMA BOKI M S5033/0153/2016 BAED Confirmed
46 JOHARI JAFFARY HUSSEIN F S0397/0031/2010 BAED Confirmed
47 CLEVER   NICKSON M S0341/0188/2016 BAED Confirmed
48 MOSES   KALINGA M S0418/0067/2016 BAED Confirmed
49 REMIJEUS E HILBA M S3757/0037/2016 BAED Confirmed
50 ELIZABETH   WILLIAM F S4181/0015/2016 BAED Confirmed
51 THOMAS E METEYAN M P0110/0359/2014 BAED Confirmed
52 DAUD K SIMON M S2556/0022/2015 BAED Confirmed
53 ABRAHAMU L NAIKARA M S0976/0077/2013 BAED Confirmed
54 ASHURA RASHIDI KATUKA F S2265/0021/2016 BAED Confirmed
55 JUDITH BINAMBI CHRISTOPHER F S0686/0034/2016 BAED Confirmed
56 LYDIA NITUNGA JOHNPHACE F S3162/0018/2016 BAED Confirmed
57 JOHN MATHIAS MWITA M S4174/0013/2016 BAED Confirmed
58 LILIAN NGAMENYE NGAO F S0259/0056/2014 BAED Confirmed
59 JOHNAS M GIDION M S1585/0050/2016 BAED Confirmed
60 FADHILI R MAIMBWA M S3443/0028/2015 BAED Confirmed
61 IBRAHIMU M MKOPI M S2150/0009/2016 BAED Confirmed
62 BEATRICE WILSON MINDE F P0134/0015/2016 BAED Confirmed
63 FRANAEL J MBISE M S0687/0137/2016 BAED Confirmed
64 ANNA WILSON AKYOO F S1548/0004/2015 BAED Confirmed
65 JUZU LEONARD PAUL F S4485/0016/2016 BAED Confirmed
66 BENJAMIN   HOZZA M S0701/0082/2014 BAED Confirmed
67 LOVE   SAMU F S0418/0024/2005 BAED Confirmed
68 TARICK S BWATAMU M S1866/0076/2016 BAED Confirmed
69 JUMA M LUSHINIKA M S3340/0030/2016 BAED Confirmed
70 FARIDU E NGOROGORO M S3989/0113/2015 BAED Confirmed
71 LILIAN LAZARO ELENEST F S3036/0017/2016 BAED Confirmed
72 DICKSON DANIEL MOLLEL M S0194/0085/2016 BAED Confirmed
73 MAMY LESHAY PASHA F S1159/0033/2016 BAED Confirmed
74 PERICE PAUL PETRO F S0578/0070/2016 BAED Confirmed
75 NICODEMU CHARLES JAMBO M S5139/0030/2016 BAED Confirmed
76 JANETH T KINGIMALI F S1642/0008/2016 BAED Confirmed
1 EVA T MAPANDE F S2878/0009/2016 BED Confirmed
2 SIMON MAXIMILLIAN SIMON M P0560/0078/2017 BED Confirmed
3 BEATRICE G KYANDO F S3138/0012/2016 BED Confirmed
4 REGNARD   PELIBATH M P4197/0062/2013 BED Confirmed
5 JOSHUA R ODHIAMBO M P1153/0037/2017 BED Confirmed
6 YAHAYA JAFARI YANGE M S2689/0059/2016 BED Confirmed
7 TASILO JASILI HAULE M S0485/0513/2016 BED Confirmed
8 JOSEPH BENARD MJENGWA M P1222/0059/2015 BED Confirmed
9 THOBIAS   NJINGO M P1153/0055/2017 BED Confirmed
10 KARIBA S MUSOMA M S1996/0059/2016 BED Confirmed
11 JOSEPHINA LODRIC KANYIKA F P0457/0020/2017 BED Confirmed
12 FREDRICK JANES MAJOGO M S3891/0044/2016 BED Confirmed
13 HAMISI SAIDI MANOZERI M S1720/0058/2015 BED Confirmed
14 LYDIA PATRICK OTARU F S3085/0019/2017 BED Confirmed
15 FARIJALA YASIN MBEJU M S1668/0071/2016 BED Confirmed
16 BARAKA D MAGEHEMA M P4624/0025/2013 BED Confirmed
17 VENAS OWIGO KENEDY M S2720/0138/2016 BED Confirmed
18 GLADY KWEKA JEREMIA F P0134/0047/2016 BED Confirmed
19 SILVIA DAUDI FAHAMU F S3571/0046/2016 BED Confirmed
20 HIDAYA   KILALA F S0231/0056/2016 BED Confirmed
21 FIDEL NDIHABI MNUBWA M S4040/0039/2016 BED Confirmed
22 SILA SAMWEL MUNA M S3916/0035/2016 BED Confirmed
23 AGNES M MICHAEL F P1454/0001/2012 BED Confirmed
24 ROSEMARY   ANDREW F S1407/0035/2016 BED Confirmed
25 JOYCE EMANUEL SHAGI F P4351/0078/2017 BED Confirmed
26 GLADNESS J OLDARASERO F P1258/0015/2017 BED Confirmed
27 DENISI SALUTARI INYASI M S0979/0128/2016 BED Confirmed
28 NICETHA AJUNA BENEZETH F S1833/0072/2016 BED Confirmed
29 THERESIA JOHN SAKILU F S1292/0038/2016 BED Confirmed
30 PETRO LAURENT TAHHANI M P0947/0089/2017 BED Confirmed
31 OMARI RAMADHAN MPANDA M S2886/0030/2015 BED Confirmed
32 NEEMA A GASPA F P4689/0045/2016 BED Confirmed
33 SCHOLASTICA KAGIMBA PAULINE F S1841/0042/2016 BED Confirmed
34 ESTA D BARABOJICK F S1893/0006/2016 BED Confirmed
35 MARIETHA SAHAN STEPHANO F S1841/0030/2016 BED Confirmed
36 MWIJARUBI BITA NDARO M S0565/0032/2016 BED Confirmed
37 JOSEPH K PETRO M S1418/0063/2016 BED Confirmed
38 VAILETH MARTIN NGAILO F S0270/0066/2016 BED Confirmed
39 VASTINA SYLVESTER MAFENE F S1182/0063/2016 BED Confirmed
40 SABIYALEMYE   ISRAEL M S3160/0116/2011 BED Confirmed
41 AMONI MANASE MPESA M S2636/0002/2014 BED Confirmed
42 HAPINESS J BEA F P1211/0015/2017 BED Confirmed
43 LILIAN A MWAKILILO F S0341/0113/2015 BED Confirmed
44 LEOPOLD JOSEPH NDUMBARO M S3458/0065/2016 BED Confirmed
45 HELLEN   JOSHUA F S0253/0026/2007 BED Confirmed
46 MOHAMED SHIJA ADAM M S2867/0143/2015 BED Confirmed
47 ALISIA JAMES LYIMO F P3896/0001/2014 BED Confirmed
48 JACKSON KIPIMO ISRAELI M S0607/0088/2016 BED Confirmed
49 EDWARD   ADAM M S0313/0069/2016 BED Confirmed
50 RIFATI HEMED BAKARI M S1430/0097/2014 BED Confirmed
51 MATHA M ENOS F S2624/0022/2016 BED Confirmed
52 SARAH   GIDION F S1063/0053/2009 BED Confirmed
53 SHELIDA   BENEDICTO F S2234/0027/2014 BED Confirmed
54 GLORIA   EDGARD F P1474/0031/2016 BED Confirmed
1 RUKIA H NDABITHA F P1998/0037/2015 BEDMAT Confirmed
3 PETER H MSEMO M S1241/0251/2014 BEDMAT Confirmed
4 EMMANUEL   NKWABI M S2321/0025/2009 BEDMAT Confirmed
5 PASKAL ROBERT MAJENGO M S4907/0051/2016 BEDMAT Confirmed
6 JEMSI MWAISWABI ABRAHAM M S3171/0113/2010 BEDMAT Confirmed
7 SELERINI H GEOGRE M S1656/0132/2009 BEDMAT Confirmed
8 PIUS EDWARD FABIANO M S5159/0045/2014 BEDMAT Confirmed
9 CHANZI M MLALE M S0849/0059/2008 BEDMAT Confirmed
1 GODELIVA   MKAMA F S0210/0014/1998 BEDPE Confirmed
2 JOSEPH M MACHA M S4384/0193/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
3 ESTHER   GASPER F P0222/0025/1997 BEDPE Confirmed
5 MZEE ALLY RAJABU M S0672/0220/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
6 ESTHER E KIRAKO F S1818/0029/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
7 NYANOKWE MWITA CHACHA M S0910/0121/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
8 CHRISTINA GALUS WIKANGA F S0285/0021/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
9 PRISCA A LASWAI F S5053/0005/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
10 JENIFA AMONI MAJALIWA F S4422/0004/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
11 JUMA H MAGONA M S0741/0071/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
12 HYASINTA SILAYO HENDRY F P0389/0012/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
13 PASILIZA A JOHN F S1446/0029/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
14 SUNGWA   NJILE M S2960/0037/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
15 EMANUEL RICHARD MSHANA M S1485/0112/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
16 ABEL ALFRED MNANGWA M S0492/0035/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
17 HAPPINESS ELIAS MUNISHI F S2912/0016/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
18 EMILY   BAKARI M S0763/0031/2003 BEDPE Confirmed
19 SESILIA LAXFORD MNYANDWA F S4532/0011/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
20 NICODEMUS   ELIBARIKI M S1230/0109/2008 BEDPE Confirmed
21 BOSCO   SAMWEL M S1810/0107/2010 BEDPE Confirmed
22 LAXFORD MARTIN CHALLE M S3509/0059/2013 BEDPE Confirmed
23 SHANI A MWANGA F S1513/0058/2009 BEDPE Confirmed
24 MAGRET EDWIN RASHID F S2158/0011/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
25 JENIPHER JOHN BONIPHACE F S0715/0039/2016 BEDPE Confirmed
26 WAZIRI D MWASENGA M S0471/0122/2014 BEDPE Confirmed
27 MASANJA KASWAHILI MWANDU M S2787/0074/2015 BEDPE Confirmed
28 GODFREY   CHIBANHILA M S1062/0130/2012 BEDPE Confirmed
29 ISSA A KIBWANA M P0321/0655/1997 BEDPE Confirmed
1 HAPPYNESS KENEDY MAFIE F S1548/0031/2016 BEECE Confirmed
2 SALMA H MAGESHA F S1394/0064/2016 BEECE Confirmed
3 AGNESS SARAFINI KIRIA F S0504/0002/2016 BEECE Confirmed
4 ARODIA MERCHADES KAKOLE F S0387/0003/2016 BEECE Confirmed
5 NURIATI SHIGELA KASHINDE F S1181/0039/2016 BEECE Confirmed
6 NAFTALI W MBISE M S0980/0178/2012 BEECE Confirmed
7 NYANGOFU I MALEGESI F S1629/0039/2015 BEECE Confirmed
8 BUNDALA M KITINA M S1142/0030/2015 BEECE Confirmed
9 MAULID M JUMA M P1008/0065/2017 BEECE Confirmed
10 NSHOLA   MAYENGA F S3652/0018/2014 BEECE Confirmed
11 YUNUSI ZUBERI LEMA M S2387/0067/2016 BEECE Confirmed
12 SEMATINI NYAROBI SEMATINI M S2113/0039/2016 BEECE Confirmed
13 SALUMU SHABANI HASSANI M S0625/0110/2013 BEECE Confirmed
14 DEMETRIDA C MAIGE F S1958/0007/2016 BEECE Confirmed
15 GLADSON GRAYSON GEOFREY M S0872/0071/2013 BEECE Confirmed
16 MASOLWA DAUD YIDUMA M S3301/0028/2016 BEECE Confirmed
17 JULIUS M MAHONYA M S3528/0045/2013 BEECE Confirmed
18 NAOMI JOHN JACOB F S1733/0031/2013 BEECE Confirmed
19 PATRICK MESHACK NGAMIA M S1895/0035/2013 BEECE Confirmed
20 NDAKI ZABRONI MCHELE M S2787/0073/2016 BEECE Confirmed
21 SWAUMU O SWALEH F S5032/0036/2013 BEECE Confirmed
22 KOMBE G JOHN M S1780/0015/2016 BEECE Confirmed
24 AMOS LEONARD IHANO M S1775/0009/2014 BEECE Confirmed
25 HAPPY AIDY NYAMOGA F S2229/0018/2013 BEECE Confirmed
26 AISHA HABIBU MUMBA F S0825/0001/2013 BEECE Confirmed
27 ELIZABETH B MAKOYE F S1877/0013/2013 BEECE Confirmed
28 KIJA S BONIPHACE M S0456/0056/2013 BEECE Confirmed
29 LAZARO HEZRON KISWAGA M S2227/0068/2013 BEECE Confirmed
30 INNOCENT M LUKUMAY M S0367/0080/2015 BEECE Confirmed
31 PELEKA   JAMES M S1804/0178/2013 BEECE Confirmed
32 OMARY JAMES BHABHAZA M S0155/0074/2016 BEECE Confirmed
33 PASCHAL   RUBEN M S0868/0061/2014 BEECE Confirmed
1 ABDUL-NASSIR MZEE MWINJUMA M S0833/0116/2015 LL.B Confirmed
2 MASAGANYA S SILANDA M S0620/0201/2015 LL.B Confirmed
3 JOEL JUSTIN NGEIYAMU M S0184/0078/2015 LL.B Confirmed
4 RITA A CHISUNGA F S5155/0011/2016 LL.B Confirmed
5 EUNICE E MKIRAMWENI F P0308/0024/2016 LL.B Confirmed
6 LENGAI SUMAYANI MOLLEL M S1215/0085/2013 LL.B Confirmed
7 MARIAM ABBUBAKARI LEMA F S2258/0057/2015 LL.B Confirmed
8 JOSEPH   PETER M S2386/0078/2009 LL.B Confirmed
9 PRISCUSI PROCHESI MASSAWE M S3073/0108/2015 LL.B Confirmed
10 SAMSON S KILIMBA M S0534/0264/2016 LL.B Confirmed
11 LEADER O MUSHI M P1416/0295/2011 LL.B Confirmed
12 WILSON E MGWATU M S4353/0111/2014 LL.B Confirmed
13 CALVIN PHILIPO NDESAMBURO M P1278/0264/2017 LL.B Confirmed
14 JOHN   CHARLES M S1936/0021/2012 LL.B Confirmed
15 JENIPHER E PALLANGYO F S0361/0058/2016 LL.B Confirmed
16 REBEKA B MKUWELE F S4619/0016/2016 LL.B Confirmed
17 MARIAM STANLEY MAZENGO F S4459/0070/2016 LL.B Confirmed
18 ABEDNENGO Z SOINE M S1316/0086/2011 LL.B Confirmed
19 ANNA MEYASI LEVAANI F S0949/0018/2015 LL.B Confirmed
20 JOSHUA   SHAO M S1110/0207/2015 LL.B Confirmed
21 LUGANO JACKSON KALINGA M S0960/0305/2015 LL.B Confirmed
22 YUSUF ABDUSAMED MOHAMED M S1284/0126/2014 LL.B Confirmed
23 RHOYMEN J LAIZER M S1839/0070/2016 LL.B Confirmed
24 MARIAM EMANUELI ALLI F S4855/0025/2016 LL.B Confirmed
25 DARAHILE JACKTON MASATU F S0241/0015/2016 LL.B Confirmed
26 LAZARO SIROYAN METELE M P1600/0131/2014 LL.B Confirmed
27 HENRY J MSEMWA M P2517/0752/2016 LL.B Confirmed
28 GALUS ROMWALD KOMBA M S0306/0156/2016 LL.B Confirmed
29 EMMANUEL   SHOMBE M P0116/0132/2017 LL.B Confirmed
30 LETICIA   CHARLES F S0765/0030/2016 LL.B Confirmed
31 LEODIGER M MARCO F S0883/0036/2016 LL.B Confirmed
32 ERICK C SENDORO M S0181/0050/2016 LL.B Confirmed
33 JONATHAN DEUS MANUPA M S0198/0065/2016 LL.B Confirmed
34 HONESTA WILLIAM RIWA F S0388/0023/2013 LL.B Confirmed
35 EVALINE ELIAFIE EZEKIEL F S2247/0027/2015 LL.B Confirmed
36 IRENE O LAZARO F S0302/0082/2014 LL.B Confirmed
37 DIONISIO O LEMA M S1110/0155/2015 LL.B Confirmed
38 MWAKALADHIA J MKWAMA F S4048/0024/2016 LL.B Confirmed
39 JESSY   XAVERY F S0231/0065/2016 LL.B Confirmed
40 SANDRA ANDREW SIKAWA F P1198/0038/2017 LL.B Confirmed
41 JOACHIM   NASEL M S0544/0061/1997 LL.B Confirmed
42 NEEMA JAPHERSON MBISE F S0647/0064/2016 LL.B Confirmed
43 SALMA O JUMA F P0302/0078/2016 LL.B Confirmed
44 GETRUDE GODFREY MASHELE F S4281/0014/2016 LL.B Confirmed
45 JANETH ELISANTE MKUMBWA F S4556/0024/2014 LL.B Confirmed
46 IGNAS   THOMAS M S0367/0088/2004 LL.B Confirmed
47 GLORY MARTIN KISIMBO F S0243/0022/2013 LL.B Confirmed
48 ALEXANDER   ERASTO M S0629/0096/2012 LL.B Confirmed
49 COLLINS   SAGAMIKO M S1642/0050/2014 LL.B Confirmed
50 CLEMENT CHARLES SENKONDO M S2421/0027/2014 LL.B Confirmed
51 NAMNYAKI KOKKAN LAITOVOAKI F S0431/0028/2013 LL.B Confirmed
52 TEDDY   MKENDA F S0204/0273/2012 LL.B Confirmed
53 JEREMIA E MRUTU M S0866/0135/2015 LL.B Confirmed
54 SAID   HASSAN M S0485/0474/2015 LL.B Confirmed
55 MUSSA OBEID MOLLEL M S0679/0138/2015 LL.B Confirmed
56 JESCA L ISSANGYA F S0986/0027/2016 LL.B Confirmed
57 IRENE G MBEMBELA F S0210/0018/2016 LL.B Confirmed
58 ANITHA   KYENKUNGU F S0232/0008/2014 LL.B Confirmed
59 OCOL ADRIAN HAULE M S0428/0153/2010 LL.B Confirmed
60 DEBORA L CHARLES F S0781/0011/2014 LL.B Confirmed
61 OLIPA N ANDREW F S2858/0040/2014 LL.B Confirmed
62 DIWANI JOHN ABDILAHI M S4112/0054/2016 LL.B Confirmed
63 EMANUEL LUCAS NGUGHU M S4037/0033/2016 LL.B Confirmed
64 YESE   NDENGIZE M S3036/0132/2013 LL.B Confirmed
65 IRENE ATWENDERA EGBATH F S2016/0015/2016 LL.B Confirmed
66 NEEMA NICKSON NYANGE F S4039/0074/2016 LL.B Confirmed
67 JOSEPH ELIUD MLINGAI M S0849/0160/2016 LL.B Confirmed
68 NYERERE WAMBURA MWITA M S2719/0025/2016 LL.B Confirmed
69 SIAELI M MNZAVA F P1067/0030/2015 LL.B Confirmed
70 LOSERIAN LOINYEYE LUKUMAI M S1803/0114/2016 LL.B Confirmed
71 DAVID FRANK MAKALLA M S0631/0057/2014 LL.B Confirmed
72 ANNETH T JOSEPHAT F S2876/0004/2016 LL.B Confirmed
73 AGNES M LUHENDE F S1736/0001/2017 LL.B Confirmed
74 FARUKU N BAKARI M S4384/0236/2012 LL.B Confirmed
75 ZABRON P MUSHI M S0546/0260/2016 LL.B Confirmed
76 ISACK MADEDE MIPAWA M S1785/0036/2016 LL.B Confirmed
77 BARICK ATANAS MHAMI M S3999/0092/2015 LL.B Confirmed
78 DYNESS G RAPHAELI F S0275/0013/2015 LL.B Confirmed
79 CAREEN PRIVER KIMARO F S3822/0012/2016 LL.B Confirmed
80 MIRIAM SAFARI MOSSES F S0207/0080/2016 LL.B Confirmed
81 ELIZABETH C PHILIPO F S0333/0065/2015 LL.B Confirmed
82 EVANCE VALENCE URIA M S1757/0055/2016 LL.B Confirmed
83 MONGERA JAMES KIRINGO M S0823/0231/2016 LL.B Confirmed
84 JUSTINE MLUNGU MANYASI M S4575/0040/2014 LL.B Confirmed
85 PATRICK   ELIAH M S0134/0089/1997 LL.B Confirmed
86 ESTER DAVID MATOVOLWA F S0804/0012/2016 LL.B Confirmed
87 KAREN J KAAYA F S1519/0008/2014 LL.B Confirmed
88 DANIEL M MTEMBEZI M S1330/0043/2016 LL.B Confirmed
89 AIDAN KASIAN NDUNGURU M S1757/0011/2016 LL.B Confirmed
90 JOSEPH A MNYOGWA M S1071/0539/2016 LL.B Confirmed
91 REBECCA A MSOFFE F S1599/0116/2016 LL.B Confirmed

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